Founder of Kathika


Kathika is founded by Vaishali (aka Nilakshi) Shirode.

An Architect by profession, Nilakshi hails from Pune, India. Besides specializing in core architectural services, she has a keen interest in interior designing and product designing. She currently works as a freelance architect and interior designer. She is an avid artist, exploring different forms of art – sketching, painting, stabile making, and various traditional folk arts.

Her passion lies in conceptual paintings, where she brings different abstract forms together cohesively to create a unified theme. This resourcefulness to convert concepts into creations through the medium of colors is reflected in all her aesthetically pleasing products and designs. The uniqueness of her work lies in fusing traditional elements with modern designs and presenting them in a contemporary style.


What and Why Kathika?


We all have memories, experiences, inspirations that are near and dear to us. They don’t have a shape or a form but have a definite position in our hearts. What if they get a physical form, and you get to see them around you every day?

When that happens, the space around you becomes a reflection of your experiences—it speaks to you, it shows who you are, how you live, and what you love. You don’t need a bunch of items to make this happen, even a single piece of item that is reflective of you, can make a big difference! With such things around, your space not only reflects you-your space becomes you!

Kathika can make this happen for you!

We turn ideas, inspirations, memories into unique handmade pieces of art that you can place in your homes and workspaces. Kathika is a Sanskrit word meaning “short story”. The journey of every product we create begins with a short story – an idea, inspiration, passion, or memory. It does not have any shape or form but has a definite position in our hearts. We take it through an artistic journey and give it a physical form, that conveys a story through design. Our art pieces are uniquely styled with contemporary designs blended with traditional elements.