Inspiration Behind the Collection:

Memories: “Bhatukali” is a collective name given to miniature kitchen vessels made of copper, bronze, silver, stone, or clay. More than just miniature vessels, they are repositories of tradition – a way of life that existed for centuries. They were devised as a method of getting kids to learn home management rituals and traditions through play. This tradition seems to be going in oblivion in today’s age. As an artist, I wanted to contribute in some way and do something to keep this tradition alive. That inspired me to come up with this collection, which is very close to my heart!

Through this collection, I have tried to capture the cultural wealth and preserve a slice of memories that was an important part of a childhood for many generations.

Besides the miniature vessels, the uniqueness of this collection is the wooden shelf which beautifully ensconces the vessels. Together, it can surely enrich and bring a touch of elegance to any part of your home.


Inspiration Behind the Collection:

Few years back, I was on a study tour to Bhuj, a region in Gujarat. The thing that mesmerized me the most was Lippan art, a traditional clay art form of mud and mirror work. Walls in traditional homes were decorated with beautiful mud motifs and interweaved with dazzling mirror work. This mud-reflect work was a visual treat to eyes!

I believe these creative marvels have a great potential to go beyond traditional settings and adapt to multiple art forms. I have tried to give this unique traditional art form a contemporary touch in this collection. It can surely add an unconventional style to your households or personal spaces.


Inspiration Behind the Collection:

Passion: As an artist, I love the free-spirited aesthetic of Bohemian style that mixes patterns, metals, woods, and earthy materials to create an eclectic blend of shapes, colors and visuals. The “No-rules” rule allows me to play with designs and think outside the box.

In this collection, I have taken a minimalist boho approach with abstract geometric shapes and elements.


Inspiration Behind the Collection:

Calligraphy has existed for thousands of years, manifesting independently in multiple cultures across the world. Calligraphy is where gestures and symbols meet. For me, it’s not just “beautiful handwriting”, but a way to express your thoughts and feelings.

I look at every stroke of a calligraphy letter as a unique personal expression of the artist. It is a portrait of the artist, representing his inner self and creative energy. Beyond the integrity, rhythm, and harmony, it is the “self-sufficiency” and the power to communicate the abstract and unknown that garners a reverence for this art form across the globe.

In this collection, I have tried to represent this traditional art from in a contemporary way.

Wood Glory

Inspiration Behind the Collection:

Even in the vast array of modern design materials, wood has remained a classic and timeless material choice in design styles! With its warm, delicate appearance and sheer elegance, wood never seems to lose its beauty. It can look rustic and modern, yet still, offer warmth and homeliness wherever it is used – in a contemporary home or office. Whether you are building entire wood structures or merely architectural elements, or simply using wooden accents, you can not only enrich the look, but also bring nature into your living space. That is why, the designer in me has fallen for the charm of this biophilic design style over and over, again.

In this collection, I have created some wooden accents and uniquely styled furniture items with a clean and minimalistic, yet a contemporary look.